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Five  #4 kids,  two  Snacktime kids and a popcorn - from my collection.

Welcome to my Cabbage Patch  -

Hi - My name is Margaret Williams and I live in London, England. I adopted my first Cabbage Patch Kid in 1984 - see photo below - she is a freckled Jesmar kid with blue eyes and blonde hair and a #3 head mold . She still lives with me today and is rated #1 Kid in my collection.  I started collecting however much later and it began when I was researching the Kids for an article in a Doll magazine; just as I had fallen for Annabelle Aimee whilst choosing one for a niece for a Christmas present in 1984, I was enchanted again when focusing on them for the article.

firstkid.JPG (17998 bytes)        Her name is Annabelle Aimee



In the following pages you will see some other very special kids from my collection. My favourites are the Originals, the Coleco Talkers, the Jesmar #4 Kids, Tru kids and the Mattel Snacktime Kids.

The site does not have any aspirations to be a tutorial but offers my personal choice of kids selected from many of the available editions.  I hope it  goes some way towards helping or inspiring  you to build a collection of your own that will give you equal satisfaction.  



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