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pinkmibtlkr.JPG (23604 bytes)

Nieta Fernande

purpmibtlkr.JPG (30154 bytes)

Nelli Frederica - Re-adopted

turqmibtlkr.JPG (17825 bytes)

Rosanne Maybelle - Re-adopted

bluemibtlkr.JPG (31267 bytes)

Meryl Katinka - Re-Adopted

pinktlkr.JPG (22856 bytes)

April Lori

blplaitsT9.JPG (11883 bytes)

Liliane Loriane - Re-Adopted

blackT8.JPG (19013 bytes)

Jacintha Rose - Re-adopted

blackT9.JPG (30697 bytes)

Camilla Viola - Re-Adopted

Here is a selection of 1987 Talking Cabbage Patch Kids. The first five are mint in box. A selection of dress colours and styles are shown. There are many others. There is also a wide variety of hair and eye colours and hair styles. See below:-
TurqTlkr.JPG (30011 bytes)

Skye Ruby(hand signed kid)



BluBrunTlkr.JPG (24814 bytes)

Florence Iris - Re-Adopted

GrnTlkr.JPG (31285 bytes)

Jade Lily

redtlkr.JPG (22930 bytes)

Marguerita Mabelle

greentlkr.JPG (45456 bytes)

Patricia Gail

TlkrViolet.JPG (25582 bytes)

Violet Freda - Re-Adopted

Dress Colours :-  pink, light blue, green, turquoise, red, grey, purple, dark blue and burgundy . Underdresses, when top pinafore is velvet, can be white, light green, pale pink and pale blue.

Hair styles: -   Single ponytail, double ponytails, braids, top pony.

Hair colours.: - Red, auburn, brunette, dark blonde, light blonde and platinum blonde. ( Red seems to be most common and light blonde hardest to find.)      

Head Molds: - There are only two - T8 and T9, marked on the back of the neck - and both are girls. There are no boys although some were shown in advertising leaflets.    


PinkUdress.JPG (13180 bytes)

Pink underdress

GreyTlkr.JPG (19903 bytes)

Pink underdress

BlueTlkr.JPG (12152 bytes)

Jennifer Anise - 

TalkerPCard.JPG (52385 bytes)

Original promotional postcard date stamped 1987
- back of card at right.

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